Learn About Us

Jacqueline Daniel

Executive Director

Kim Bell

Director of Community Connections

Paul Nickles

Communications & Marketing Intern

Audrey Anderson

Administrative Intern

Leah Lomas

Program Intern

Lee Anne Tourigny 

1000 Words Project Coordinator

Our Vision

Creating communities where people of all abilities are valued, included and empowered.

• Embrace individuals as an avenue of connecting the common bond shared by all people.
• Encourage individuals with disabilities to form meaningful relationships and to grow physically, socially, spiritually and emotionally.
• Enrich the lives of children & adults with disabilities with knowledge of the love and support of family, friends and the community as a whole.
• Empower individuals with disabilities to achieve the fullest possible quality of life.
• Equip individuals with disabilities to live as independently as possible

• Embrace families in order to make connections within our community.
• Encourage family members and care providers by demonstrating care for them and their family members with disabilities.
• Enrich relationships within families and facilitate relationships with others in the community.
• Empower families and care providers to make wise and informed decisions.
• Equip all family members to understand and embrace his or her role.

• Embrace individual communities as an avenue of connecting with our culture.
• Encourage communities to be aware of the needs of families affected by disability and to unite to provide supports for all community members.
• Enrich communities by embracing the gifts that ALL members possess.
• Empower communities to do their part in making a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities.
• Equip communities to provide the highest quality supports to members affected by disability.

ConnectAbility was imagined out of a need in our community to connect. Our mission and methods have been sharpened and refined. And now we look toward the future with a big vision to build on our base of belonging and connection to move toward the purpose, freedom and independence that comes from transportation, jobs and housing.

While our methods for making this happen have looked different over the past two years, our motivation is the same as it was back in 2001 at our first activity – to gather and enjoy the unique gifts we all possess.

We invite you to join us on the journey to a truly inclusive community where all members are valued for our inherent gifts and unique perspectives, included in all aspects of community life and empowered to cultivate our dreams and desires to live the life we each want to live.