What an incredible outpouring of love and support we have seen from our community after the office burned last week.

There are still many unknown factors – the cause of the fire has not been determined yet and the far future is still not exactly clear. BUT, in the midst of so many unknowns, right now great things are still happening and I wanted to share them with you. 

The photo you see above is the dripping remains of a TV that melted off the wall from the heat of the fire. The rest of it is laying in a charred puddle on the floor below. But, do you see what is remains? LOVE.
That love is compelling us forward into a future filled with hope. Let me show you what I mean…

One miracle of the fire is that our racing wheelchair equipment escaped with only smoke damage and a significant smoke odor. But they still roll just fine and our teams were able to kick off our 2019 Race for a Reason Season on Saturday morning as we were planning! 

Our two teams performed great in the Kappa Delta Run Dahlonega 5k with a first and third place finish in the age groups for Angel McDaniel and Craig Wester! We had three new runners join the teams too! There’s more good news too:

Because of the generosity of donors giving to meet our immediate needs and the hard work of our staff & volunteers, we are able to continue our programs without interruption! 
Losing so much “stuff” at our office is rough but the real tragedy would be not being able to continue to meet our mission to create communities where people of all abilities are valued, included and empowered.

We are getting set to move into a new office space this week – right next door to our former office – and resume operations as usual. Or almost as usual! We are working to get all our computers and technology set up for the new space. We’ve had such an outpouring of support from our community and we are so grateful.

While there are still many unknown factors, we rejoice in the fact that our mission is pushing forward through the flames. Every donor, supporter, volunteer and prayer is making that possible. Thank you!

We have some more exciting opportunities in the works and we will keep you posted on updates as we get more information. Your continued support is appreciated by giving online OR sending a check made out to ConnectAbility to PO Box 381 Dahlonega, GA 30533.

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