Join us to celebrate the A Thousand Words Photography Project! A picture can speak a thousand words – but what if a picture spoke your only words? The goal of A Thousand Words Photography Project is to give a voice to people with disabilities through the visual art of photography.

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Team 0007 – Danny Hewitt, Dave Peterman, Matthew Kowalski

This years theme is Stories. Danny’s story involves a passion for cars and an eye for capturing his story in theirs. Dave and I have had the pleasure of working with Danny for the last three years. Danny has a true love for cars and he can tell you a story about almost every car made. Danny is slowly saving his money so that someday he can have a car of his own. He would love nothing more than to tear up some Georgia dirt roads just like the Duke boys.  After a day of evading Rosco P. Coltrane and Flash the wonder dog, Danny dreams of  pulling his car up to his own home, where he can have his privacy and something that is all his. Danny is one of the kindest fun loving people we have met and he always has a joke or a story to share with you. Danny has a great eye, that coupled with his passion for cars, means his photos always capture a great story.

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