Kids Virtual Connections: Easter Egg Hunt

We are so excited to welcome you to our next Kids Virtual Connection tomorrow (Wednesday, April 8 at 11:15am). Be sure to sign up here so you can get an email with a link and password to join the Zoom meeting.

Prepare ahead of time:

  • You’ll need one dozen plastic Easter eggs – use a Sharpie to number them 1-12. (Optional: You can create one dozen eggs per child.)
  • A basket/bucket to gather eggs
  • These printable inserts. Print one copy per dozen eggs.
  • Cut out each item and place in the egg labeled with the corresponding number. (Egg 12 will be empty so leave out the image for the last egg) 

Before our Zoom call at 11:15 on Wednesday:

Hide the eggs inside or outside. Don’t need to make them hard to find at all. The kids will need to find the eggs in order and then come back to the group to share what they find inside.

So we’ll have everyone go find egg number 1 and then come back to the screen to open it together and talk about what’s inside.