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    Before responding to a question, please share your overall opinion of this book and/or your favorite part, story, quote, etc…
    Then respond to one of the two questions below. Clarify which question you’re responding to. Don’t forget to revisit this forum periodically to read what others are adding.

    1. The story of Justin and Patrick’s “bat experience” was hilarious! Share an unexpected experience you had that wasn’t very funny (to you) at the time but is a great memory now that you think back on and laugh about.

    2. Justin and Patrick met many pilgrims along their journey on El Camino de Santiago. Was there a particular one that you could relate to? Why?

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    James H

    I really like this book, and it has given me a lot to think about in my own life. I liked it when Patrick said “We are a community -or at least we should be-where all are welcome, all are loved, and the unexpected challenges of like are faced with others at our side”. And I have never thought that when I don’t let others help me. I am denying a blessing to them.

    Discussion Question 1.

    When I was eleven, we just had Church. My Parents were talking to other people outside, and did not notice that I unlock the break on my chair. I went down the walkway really fast, and turn over at the end of it. I hit the ground, but I was not hurt too bad. I have never unlock my chair.


    I enjoyed reading the book very much! I’m not good at picking favorite parts, but one concept that I really connected to was that beautiful and amazing things happen when we genuinely love and serve each other. It’s how God created us to be.

    Question 1:
    My friend Pam was 16 and I was 15. We bought this HUGE, round yellow float so we could float out into Lake Lanier. The first bad decistion we made was that we blew up the float at the house. Of course now it wouldn’t fit in the car so we put it on the car roof and each stuck an arm out the window and held onto it as we drove the 3 or 4 miles to the lake. We could only go about 10 miles/hour or it would blow out of our hands. We finally made it and thought we were so cool to be able to go to the lake by ourselves. We put our pic-nic lunches and towels on the float and paddled out into the lake. We laid out in the sun for a while and then decided to swim. We were feeling very independent and having so much fun. I don’t remember whose idea it was to go skinny dipping. The lake water was dark so we thought it was totally harmless since no one could see us (especially since no one was anywhere around us and our huge yellow float). It was all fun and games until a boat went zooming by not too far away and caused a large wake… the huge yellow float with our swim suits on it quickly floated away from us. It wasn’t long before Pam and I were in PANIC mode! We swam for our lives to catch up with the yellow float. Once we were able to catch up to it and get our swim suits back on we just laid on it to regain our composure and breath. The humiliating thoughts of how this could have turned out were not funny at all at the time. However, later that night when we shared our adventures of the huge yellow float with my family, we all laughed and laughed at the thoughts of all the “what ifs?” I’ve never gone skinny dipping since then.

    James D

    Sorry I’m late to the game on the book discussion, but I will post away. The book was especially touching and I really related to the story. One of my best childhood friends was diagnosed with Muscular dis-trophy when I was in 2nd grade and he went from running to walking, limping, straining and then being confined in a wheel chair. When I was about to graduate high school he was made whole again when he left this earth. Many of the stories about the bond between Justin and Patrick reminded me of my young life with my friend. One thing that stood out with me is that many people wonder what is Justin’s purpose and how does he help society, and I can say that his role is life changing for many. Justin’s trip changed Patrick’s trajectory from being outside his life calling to a deeper relationship with his family and community and that will impact generations. Just like Justin and Patrick, the friend that I lost in high school completely changed my course in life when he introduced me to a computer for the first time and showed me how to program it. I know that the topic of computers is rarely an emotional or passionate topic but my friend defined my life that day and I think about that often.

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