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    You may respond to ONE OR MORE of the questions below. Please label your response with the number you are responding to.

    1. In this community of sameness, everyone’s lives are controlled and planned out in order to eliminate pain and sorrow (controlled climate, no competition, precision of language, carefully selected family members, colorless world, same food for all, etc.). Do you view this way of life as good and safe OR harsh and restrictive? Why?

    2. If you were attending the Ceremony of Twelves with Jonas, what Assignment or Job do you think the Elders would select for you? (pilot, street cleaner, landscape designer, instructor, nurturer, committee of elders, receiver of memory, gardening, birth mother, doctor, engineer, law & justice, caretaker of the old, etc.)

    3. What would you miss the most in a world without color?

    4. This peaceful community eliminates anyone, young or old, who doesn’t meet certain physical or behavioral standards, threatens the stability of the community, or requires too much assistance. How do you feel about this organized system of euthanasia they call RELEASE? What practices in our present society do you see that parallel with this RELEASE system?

    5. Do you think the man called The Giver should have chosen to leave the community and escape with Jonas OR stay behind and help the community deal with all of the good and bad memories that they’ll be flooded with once Jonas reaches Elsewhere?

    6. It brings The Giver great JOY when he shares his happy memories with Jonas and RELIEF when he shares his painful memories. Who is someone in your life that you enjoy sharing your joys and hurts with?

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    3. The sky, and not just the blue of a clodless spring day, but the blue pinky purple color in the evening, or how it looks at sunrise.

    James H

    Question 1

    Sameness was a very harsh and restricted community because people did not have control over their lives. The community told people who to marry, and what kind ofjobs a person does in their own lives.


    Question 4:
    This system of “release” does a great job of sugar coating murder. They portray it as peaceful and humane procedure that is “what’s best for the community”. It is very similar to our systems of abortion and euthanasia. Just like the people of that community have accepted it as normal, so many in our country have stopped thinking about what abortion and euthanasia truly are in the eyes of God our Creator. Any time that we choose to take someone’s life, before or after birth, because they do not measure up to our society’s standard of a what a good quality of life looks like or because thier existence is an inconvenience to others, it is murder. God, with His divine plan, has created each of us differently and in His image. He has also given us all an opportunity to love each other like He loves us… unconditionally.

    Sarah H

    1. The way the “upper authorities” control their world is so sad to me. They are taking away the uniqueness of every individual, and God created each one of us so differently for a purpose. They are also taking away an individual’s ability to think for themselves…. which I think is their goal unfortunately.


    6. Friendship and personal connections are a really deep part of what makes us human. We all need others to help share joyful and painful memories. Even though the painful parts of our life are so hard to endure, it truly keeps the balance in our lives.
    -We can’t appreciate warm sunshine until we’ve endured cold rain.
    -We don’t fully understand the miracle of life until we see bare trees burst into bloom.
    -We don’t comprehend the miracle of good health until we’ve endured the pain of broken bones or stitches.
    -We can’t appreciate the light of sunrise until we’ve experienced the scary darkness of night. (that brings up camping memories for me!)
    -We don’t appreciate the value of hard work until we’ve painted a house, cut the grass, fixed a car, etc.
    -We aren’t able to truly be there for someone in a painful situation until we have been there ourselves.
    -We can’t experience the ultimate joy all alone – we need someone there in the moment to share it with and someone later on to reflect on it.

    The controlling environment in the Community took all these opportunities away from everyone in the name of comfort and sameness. To me, that kind of life is not worth living at all.

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