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    Welcome to the first set of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe discussion questions! This book contains many deep themes. Feel free to share your own thoughts from chapters 1-10 OR choose one of the four questions to respond to. Please clarify which question you’re responding to. Remember… you do not have to log in to read what others have posted but you must log in to leave your response.

    1. Out of the following characters from the book, which one do you most relate to? Why? (you might be a mixture)

    PETER is noble and courageous. He matures into a young man during his first few days in Narnia. He immediately proves himself after protecting Susan from a ferocious wolf. Aslan knights him, and eventually crowns him the High King of Narnia.

    SUSAN is the beauty among the Pevensies. She is sweet, sensible and kind, and perhaps a little bland. When she becomes queen, she is known as Queen Susan the Gentle.

    EDMUND is a brat for most of this book. He is spiteful and mean, and likes to tease his sister, Lucy. His greed for the enchanted Turkish Delight leads him to act as a traitor against his siblings. Edmund joins forces with the White Witch, but eventually sees the error of his ways and returns to the good side.

    LUCY is a curious, optimistic, and happy-go-lucky girl who urges her siblings to search for her friend, Mr. Tumnus. She is known as Queen Lucy the Valiant.

    PROFESSOR – Professor Kirke is a slightly eccentric, elderly professor. He is wise and open minded, and he helps Peter and Susan understand that Narnia may indeed exist.

    2. The Queen/White Witch is considered to be beautiful. She is also the representation of evil. Why is her startling white and beautiful appearance a good analogy of how evil can present itself in our own lives?

    3. In the first chapters we see the moral descent of Edmond. We see a very clear picture of the role sin plays in a person’s life and the effects it has on those around us and in the world. Turkish Delight is a sickeningly sweet gelatinous candy covered in sugar. Edmond is both attracted to it and it also makes him sick. In order to get more of this “delight” he is willing to lie to and deceive his siblings. What are some temptations that take on the name of “Turkish Delight” in the leaders of a country? What about in your own life?

    4.When Father Christmas gives:
    Lucy- a healing potion and a dagger
    Susan- a bow with arrows and a horn
    Peter- a shield and a sword

    Why does he say, “These are tools, not toys, bear them well”?

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    James H

    Question 4

    Father Christmas meant for the children to use their gifts to help them with their battle. And he was telling the children to be careful with how to use their gifts.


    Question 2:

    Bad sleep habits might not be evil but they still mess up my days and nights!
    I like to stay up really late at night and sleep late into the next day. This might seem harmless BUT it affects my normal daily activities in a negative way. When I have morning appointments or fun things planned, I have a hard time getting enough sleep the night before.


    Question 1:
    Everyone is created with a variety of personality traits. I’m thankful that God had the idea to make us all so extremely unique!
    I think I am most like Lucy (curious, optimistic, and happy-go-lucky), but I also have a mixture of the others in me as well. If I paid close attention to my moods and behaviors on most days, I’m sure I’d find myself being courageous like Peter when needed, sensible and kind like Susan, and lots of times even wise like the professor. HOWEVER, if the right buttons get pushed,(which is more often than I’d like) I’m sure my “bratty” or prideful self would quickly reveal itself! The older I get, the harder it is to push those ugly buttons but they DO still exist.


    Question 1:

    I relate with Peter as I see myself as being daring and adventurous. Peter in the book is willing to take on the task of becoming the king of Narnia and takes the leaps of faith necessary to achieve this goal. I like to see myself in the same way as someone that is always pursuing big goals and dreams while putting in the work necessary to achieve them.


    James, good insight. I also think this relates to the spiritual gifts God gives us to combat the devil in the spiritual sense. He does not give us His word (the Bible/ Sword of the Spirit) as a toy for us to only enjoy ourselves but to come against the enemy (the devil) and all his schemes.


    Question 2
    Sin and evil are often the easy and attractive choice. It is easy to be mean while it can be hard to turn the other cheek. It can be easy to eat the delicious dessert while it can be hard to choose the salad. We face these hard decisions on a daily basis. In the book, the White Witch was attractive and cunning, and Edmond made the easy choice in the moment to follow her. That easy choose only lead to false and fleeting happiness and brought on pain in the long run. In real life, we face these hard decisions that appear to be right while the truly good decision is hard to make and to follow.

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