BAM: Books and Movie Club

BAM is the perfect club for anyone that loves to read/listen to books and watch movies! Being a part of BAM means connecting with others in your community by sharing an interest in books and/or movies!

You’re invited to join a group of BAM members who enjoy reading together at our BAM Read Alongs. Some members take turns reading the book out loud while others just enjoy listening together. We use private Zoom meetings as the online platform for the Read Alongs so you’ll need to sign up ahead of time. These Read Alongs are encouraged but totally optional.

Our July book selection is Beyond the Finish by Brent & Kyle Pease. It’s an amazing story of passion, brotherhood, and relentless determination.

If you are interested in joining the BAM club, need accessible options such as audiobooks, ebooks, and talking books, or have any questions, email Connie at

Options for finding a copy of the BAM books or audio tapes

If you are unsure of how to find a copy of the current BAM book, here are some great options:

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