BAM: Books and Movie Club

BAM is the perfect club for anyone that loves to read/listen to books and watch movies!

Being a part of BAM means connecting with others in your community by sharing an interest in books and/or movies!

For book worms, BAM picks a book for everyone to read or listen to. There is also an online discussion forum for you to share your thoughts on the book you just read or listened to.

For our movie watchers, BAM invites everyone to view the movie version of the book they just read. The movie nights are open to BAM members and anyone in the community that wants to join.

BAM members are encouraged to be a part of the club however they feel comfortable. You can pick and choose if you want to read/listen to the book, join the online discussion forum, or watch the movie.

If you are interested in joining the BAM club or if you have any questions, email Connie at

Options for finding a copy of the BAM books or audio tapes

If you are unsure of how to find a copy of the current BAM book, here are some great options:

  • Check out your local library to rent the book or audio tape
    • Lumpkin County Library will have our BAM books and audio tapes on hold at the front desk waiting for you
  • Look on Amazon ( for new or used copies
  • Join Audible ( for access to audio tapes
  • Shop on ThriftBooks ( for cheap copies of used books
  • ConnectAbility does have a few copies of the BAM books in the office to borrow, but please contact Connie ( to confirm it is not being read by someone else


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